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  • Welcome to Saint Catherine of Siena School!

    It is my prayer that you always enjoy the same warm welcome that I have received since beginning my adventure at Saint Catherine of Siena Parish and School. I thank Father Paul and his staff for their hospitality. Everyone has made me feel so at home. It has been a busy start with so much to do; but I have been blessed by Sister Janet’s wisdom, her friendship, and her prayers for the continued success of the school. In return I pray for Sister Janet as she enjoys the gifts of relaxation, travel, and time with family and friends that she so truly deserves. The support that I have received insures a pleasant transition for all the children, parents, faculty and staff.

    It is an exciting time for me as I learn about and experience the mission, tradition, and superior education that this school is so proud to share. I bring to Saint Catherine of Siena School thirty years of experience. I’ve taught high school English and Theology. I owned and directed a day care and education center. I hold a NH Certification in English, and Administration (Principal), and I also hold a Diocesan Certification in Theology.

    I married a widower with six sons, and yes, the Lord has an incredible sense of humor. We have a daughter who was recently married. All seven of our children are married, and we are blessed additionally with fourteen grandchildren. My husband and I are actively involved at Saint Lawrence Parish in Goffstown. I am confident that my past experiences have prepared me for this opportunity to lead Saint Catherine of Siena School into the future. With God at the center of all of our endeavors, we will prevail.

    Jocelyn Bergeron

  • Daily Schedule

    School Day:           
    Earliest Arrival: 7:20AM
    First Bell 7:35AM
    Second Bell and Morning Prayer:7:40AM
    Classes Begin: 7:45AM

    Dismissal Procedure:
    Pre-K and Kindergarten Dismissal: 2:00PM
    Afternoon prayer: 2:10PM
    Grades 1-6 Dismissal: 2:15PM
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    Sept. 2              Opening Day for grades 1 – 6
                               Early Release at 11:30 am      

    Sept. 3              Regular Day for grades 1-6                                 
    Please note that the school day begins promptly at 7:45 a.m.                                                                                          Sept. 4           Regular Day for grades 1-6
                            PK and K begin First Day of School
                            with an Early Dismissal at 11:30 am
    Prayer begins at 7:40 am, children need to be on time, please!                     

    Sept. 5                  Regular Full Day for all students
                                   PK – 6

    THERE WILL BE NO HOT LUNCH or MILK FOR THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL.                                                                  

    THE AFTERCARE PROGRAM BEGINS ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 8TH.                                                                           
    To meet the Principal, please call the office to schedule an appointment.